Things are simple here. Just follow these rules and your stay will be a pleasure. The rules also apply both in-game and Forums (wherever possible). Penalties for rules that apply only to Forums may vary, as they are not listed here.

  1. Do not spam. - Warning, kick if continues
  2. Do not bully/harass other players. - Warning + ban for 72 hours, permanent if continues
  3. Respect others. - Warning, kick and ban for 24 hours if continues
  4. Do not ask for or give out personal information. - Warning
  5. Do not show any form of profanity. - Warning if excessive, chat mute
  6. Do not beg for ranks on the Forums or the game. - Warning, 24-hour ban if continues
  7. Do not use more than 1 mPandanda account. Rule valid only for banned users.
  8. Do not post inappropriate content such as porn. - Suspension depending on how it was shared, may be even permanent
  9. Do not backseat moderate. (i.e. telling somebody that they should be banned because of something) - Warning
  10. Do not advertise. - Permanent suspension
  11. Do not question staff's decisions. - You may report a moderator to the administration, but you must not criticise their decision.

Please note that if you are banned too many times, a permanent suspension may follow.

Another thing is that sometimes moderators may take decisions at their discretion. If you believe it was a mistake, please contact us and tell us about the case. Administration's decisions are always final and cannot be reverted, unless taken into consideration again after numerous reasons are present. This includes permanent bans.